Monday, March 3, 2008

An ecological crisis of food resources

Everyone knows that the world has the big problem of biodiversity. The technology continues improving and developing; however, the environment is destroyed by the technology. People use a lot of chemical sources to grow crops. The result is that not only do a lot of people have new disease such as cancer, but also food resources become fewer and fewer. In addition, there are more and more people on earth and some people do not have enough food. Although many countries find a lot of ways to own more food, the world also needs more and more food. Thus, people should try to find some solutions to protect food resources. There are three solutions that can help to solve the food problems: people should change different ways or types of crops to plant every year; people should repair the environment, and people should keep the food chain safe.

Nowadays there are more and more people in the world; however, people cannot produce enough food for everyone. In U.S. Food and Drug Administration (n.d.), “Food Protection Plan,” American’s government makes a plan to solve the sources and production of food. In addition, scientists try doing research to find more sources such as in agriculture. In Agricultural and Food Scientists (n.d.), the biological scientists discuss that “Using research in biology fields, chemistry, and mathematics can understand our world” (para.2). It will help people to protect our food more. Moreover the food price is getting higher and higher. According to Food CPI, Prices, and Expenditures (2008), “In 2008, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all food is projected to increase 3.0 to 4.0 percent” (para.1). Therefore, the government should start considering about this problem since the price of food has been increased because many people cannot afford that. However, there is an argument that the plan is not useful and has a lot of problems. According to Reuters (2008), “Food and Drug Administration claim that lives are risk because the agency is behind in the latest scientific advances and it is underfinanced” (para.10). People have to notice the warming and find effective solutions to protect food. To sum up, if people want to live longer on earth, they should know how to protect their food resources in effect.

First of all, the farmers alter styles to cultivate agriculture plants in order to protect food resources. They can plant different crops in proper season every year that can make influence on biodiversity. In fact, all crops have their responsibility to do useful work. The rice husk provides food for people, but the vegetation gives the ground having time to relax. In each year, most farmers have two seasons to plant crops in spring and fall; however, they also have some rest time to plant other things. It is good chances to plant special croppers such as flowers or grass that can let the land have time to take a rest. Moreover, planting crops need to find the suitable soil and then crops can plant well. The farmers need to prepare soil that can help crops grow well. Also, some crops or plants will provide better materials like organic matter. According to Hard (2008), “Incorporate well-rotted manure, other organic matter, compost, and a complete fertilizer such as a 10-10-10, at the rate of 2 pounds per 100 square feet into the soil before planting” (para.2). The better soil the farmers could have, and the better crops they could get. In a word, the farmers can use new ways and types to plant crops such as planting different crops in fit season and preparing suitable soil in order to plant good crops.

Secondly, people have to restore the environment. The farmers should take harmful effects away from lands and fields. For example, people want to produce more food so they use technology to change the harvest season, but the field becomes barren year after year. The farmers should change using the land too much. In Goulding and Blake’s (1998) article, “A change of land use has important consequences for many biological, chemical and physical processes in soils and the environment” (p.2). In addition, different kinds of fields are suitable for grass, wood or different types of tillage. The farmers should understand what kind of lands that they can plant well crops. Besides, people have to make a law to protect the environment. In practice, people want to own more food so they do not care about the environment any more. They destroy the field and cause the environmental disaster. For instance, people use a lot of pesticides that can increase yields, but using pesticides led to destroy the ecosystem. The government should set up rules or laws to protect the environment such as controlling to use pesticides and reducing to create harmful pollution. In order to have a better field planting, people should do beneficial things such as planting more trees that can provide more places for living things and reduce the damage of soil. Therefore, people can remedy the environment and have better land to plant more food that can supply for more people.

Finally, everyone has to maintain the food chain safe. That can solve food problems. Nowadays the world wants to have more food so many scientists develops chemical pesticides to grow crops that led to destroy the ecology. The farmers should use natural enemies to protect plants. Actually, the ecology has the own system is that if the species can suit the environment, they will survive and do helpful work in the food chain system. The biological control the living beings and it is natural law. For example, people eat cows; cows eat grass; and grass needs soil. If cows disappear, the food chain will not be balance. People should continue keeping the system safe. In addition, people should use natural fertilizer to plant food in order to hold the food chain. For instance, people use a lot of chemical fertilizer to plant crops and some of them have harmful materials. In Johnson (2005) article, he claims that the America’s government should set up new rules and laws to maintain the food chain in order to protect the natural system more. When people use the fertilizer to grow the plants, they have to think about the ban of using chemical sources. They should use organic manure to till the lands such as “animal manure, green manure, and compost” (Jacks and Whyte, 1994, p.36). In short, everybody should try to keep the food chain longer and longer and also people can have health food and produce food forever.

Opponents claim people can use more money to protect food resources. However, this argument is not a good solution for protecting food. In fact, the government spends a lot of money in order to produce more food but the common people do not have any advantageous things. The local farmers cannot have enough money to make more food. For instance, some developing countries do not have a lot of money to give people especially the local gardener. They are poor, but they really need to have more food. It is a big problem to produce and protect food resources. Also, people need to learn how to protect food resources. The government should educate people how to plant good crops and how to save the food resources. For example, in MDC, people can have good education so the government should spend money to educate students how to protect food resources. Students can learn how important the food is; what is the good way to secure the acute environment problems; and what can they do to help the protect food resources. According to Forbes (2007), “Farmers in West and central Africa will learn how to better protect cowpeas, an important food and cash crop, and increase their household income on average about $150 per year” (para.2). People can be educated by programs and can learn more skills to help protect food resources. If people can realize these questions early, they can do more things such as not wasting food, not destroying environment, and doing study to find good food. In brief, the world has to find the effective way to find solution of preventing food resources.

In conclusion, people need to find solution to protect food supply such as using different ways to plant crops each year, repairing the environment where everyone lives, trying to keep the food chain , and educating people to learn skills to protect food. In general, people need to think deeply about the future. A lot of people say that the world has enough food now and the technology will improve more and more. However, the serious problem is that the population increases doubled or tripled every year. There will be more and more people on earth and the world cannot afford enough food for everyone. Also, the ecosystem encounters serious trouble that causes the decline of food resources. Everybody should notice the problems and finds ways to supply food from generation to generation. There is only one earth. It is everyone’s duty to protect the world.


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The population is exploded!!

How do you feel knowing that there are more people in the world? Do you know the growth rate of the population on earth? The CHINA POPIN says “An organization, the United Nation of population foundation, counts that there are 65 hundred million people in the world, but until 2050 year there will be 80 hundred million people in the world” (2006, para.1). Besides the population will increase and not stop anymore. What can we do now? If people want to have a better life, the most important thing is that the government should put Population Control Policies system in place because it allows us to have better health care, survive the economy problems, and prevent the family problems.

First of all, Population Control Policies provides the better health care for people. It lets women be healthier. For example, if women should have a lot of babies, it will be a dangerous situation for them. Every time women have a pregnancy, they need to be careful for themselves and also spends a very long time to make and take care of babies until they grow up. Some people says that it is like a big surgery for women because they just use their whole energy after they have babies and they must have a one month break form having babies in order to their health. If the government can have Population Control Policies, women can have fewer babies and they do not need to encounter the big surgery many times. In addition, if there are fewer people, children can have more service for their health. For instance, according to the BBC News, Singh (2002) talked about the India’s health care system for children. They had a lot of children; however, the society didn’t have enough good health care for children. In the result, Singh (2002) claims “there were fifteen children who passed away in a government - run hospital in the east Indian state of West Bengal” (para.1). To sum up, if the government can have the Population Control Policies system, there are fewer people and it could be help and solve the problems about people’s health care.

Secondly, Population Control Policies system can help to survive the economic problems. If there were less population in the world, the products would be waste a little. For example, although many countries try to stop the increasing population, nowadays the speed of population is increasing every year. How can the government do? It needs to decrease the population and then people will have a lot of stuffs to use so the Population Control Policies system should be put in place. Besides, there are many places where people don’t have money to get what they need in normal life, such as some part of Africa, India and the Middle East. On the other hand, if the Population Control Policies systems set up, financial will go up and people can pay less tax. For example, in developed countries the government has Population Control Policies which results in the economy system is going up and some nations pay less taxes and even don’t pay any more, such as Switzerland and Republic of Finland. In a word, the Population Control Policies system cause the economy getting better and better on the earth.

Finally, the Population Control Policies can prevent the family problems. In some families people have a lot of problems about the siblings or relatives. There is an example of China. People there want to have more babies before because they need children to help the agriculture. However, people have problems about the situations or relationship. For instance, some siblings are jealous of others and fight each other. Also if the family is rich, family members would want to have the property, such as land, buildings and money. If there are few children, they can receive more things which they want and don’t have the big problems about the allotment. Besides, if the countries have the Population Control Policies system, they will can have a better and easier family life. For example, when the government builds the Population Control Policies system, there are fewer people in every family. This consequence is that people can share and know their family member’s ideas or thoughts very well. They have easy way to understand each other. In short, if the world wants to stop problems, the Population Control Policies system has to set up as soon as possible.

Opponents claim that the Population Control Policies system should not put in place due to human rights violation and religious. However, this argument is incomplete. People own the human rights and religious which are not good for Population Control Policies system. If people have the rights to have many babies, the world will become more and more people. People will encounter many problems, such as finding a good job difficultly, having a lot of crimes, and using fewer resources. In addition, although some religious say that having more babies are good ways for people, people may encounter problems to have many babies. For instance, people’s religious are Muslim that allows them to have a lot of babies. This situation caused that men have many wives who do not have equal rights to do what they want, such as job, land, money, and choices. In short, the government should set up the Population Control Policies system that can reduce the growth of population.

In conclusion, Population Control Policies system should be put in place because of these following reasons. The first thing is that people can have the good health care. Next is that the economic problems could be solved. The last one is that people can solve the problems for family in the future. Nowadays a lot of countries say that the rate of population is going down. However, the fact is that there are more and more people in the world. Unfortunately we just have one earth and we can’t find other places where people can live. If people are too much, the earth will not handle the situation. The result of the earth will explode possibly in the future days so the time will be ended for the human beings forever.

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Let’s Be Good Parents

According to Sellgren (2007), a mother, Paulette, said that “Bringing up a child is the most important thing you have to do” (p.1). Nowadays many parents encounter many problems when they deal with their children. Actually, due to the fact that children spend much time at school and parents are always busy to do their jobs; therefore, they do not have time to get along with each other. In fact, some professional people suggest that the government should set up the parenting classes that can offer the advice and information to parents. There are three reasons why parents have to take parenting classes: parents have to learn how to stay with your children at home, how to repair the generation gap, and how to play a nice role with your children.

First of all, parenting classes can teach parents how to stay with children at home. In fact parents have to work for a long time that results in reducing time to know their children more and also children spend a lot of time at school or conference. Therefore, not only parents but also children become uninterested with each other. It is important for parents to take classes that can help them to solve their problems and teach them how to hit it off with children. For example, the classes could teach parents how to communicate with children. In addition, parents can learn what children like and they can understand children more. Moreover, parents and children just have three to four hours to talk and share their feeling everyday that lead to become emotionless with each other. If parents attend the parenting classes, they can not only learn how to get along with children but also know what the best way to bring up with children is. For instance, parents can learn what are the most popular television programs and computer games in class. They can have the same topic to talk and share ideas; thus, it will be easy for parents to know what children think. Again, the classes will give a lot of suggestions and information about school and education that teach parents how to relate to their children at home.

Next, taking parents lessons can repair the generation gap. The classes can teach people how to understand children’s ideas and thinking. In fact, we all know that young people who are 12 to 18 have their own thoughts and also they feel that parents cannot understand what they think. Children and parents do not like the same things because of their different ages and experience. For example, Sometimes children do not understand why their parents like the stupid things such as clothes’ style or strange activities. If parents take the parenting courses, they would teach parents what activities children like such as singing, shopping, and bowling. Furthermore, because of the generation gap, parents do not know how to punish children and how to handle the struggle with children. Due to these problems, the parenting classes will be suited for parents. This is an example, in “Domestic violence-you and your kids” the author told parents that “Try to show that you understand the child’s feeling” (Hayes, 2003, p.2). Parents should be polite and patient to deal with children’s problems. In short, if parents can attend the classes, they will know many approaches and advices that can solve their generation gap.

Last, parents should take parenting courses in order to play a better parent’s role. Actually, they do not have experience and do not understand how to teach different age’s children, so they have to attend parenting classes which can help them to teach different age’s children. For instance, not only taking parenting classes can learn how to treat teenagers like an adult, also parents will build good bridge to talk to children as well. In addition, the best way for the new parents is participating the parenting classes that give them advice to play a successful role in family. Some people are from divorced or single family. At that moment, these parents need to take parenting classes that can help them to know and learn how to become a nice parent for their children. For example, when is the best time to help children who encounter problems? What is the best way to let children know that they do bad things? To sum up, if parents have the parenting classes, they will know how to play a successful parents role.

Opponents claim that parents should not take the parenting lessons due to that they feel embarrassing to attend the parenting classes and love is a natural thing for everyone. However, this argument is incomplete. Although parents feel uncomfortable with the classes they need to learn how to get along with their children and how to have nice relationship with children. For instance, if parents take classes, they can figure out what children think in their life such as importance of friends, school, and family. In addition, in some ways love comes from nature, but we also need to learn how to show our love to people. For example, they have to know how to understand and share their feeling and then they can know how to love more with each other. Parents can hold in children’s arms and say sweet words to children. In other words, through the parenting classes, parents can learn good and positive ways to love their children.

In conclusion, attending the parenting classes can help parents to become a successful parents because they want to learn ways that they must get along with their children, they must not have the generation rap, and they must play a good parents’ role in family. Indeed, according to Littlemore (2007), “any parent knows the questions, “how do you make your child do what they want?” is not so simply answer” (p.1). Many parents know that it is difficult to do good job to bring up their children. The best way is that parents need to take parenting classes that can give them the best training to become the best parents; hence, parents and children will have a nice relationship in their life.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AE2 Core Controlling Crime

1. What is the crime?

2. Why is the criminal not successful?

3. What controls( external or internal) deter YOU from committing this crime?

In the video, a man wanted to rob the market, but he could’t rob the store. The owner of the store did something to protect the man who was a thief. When the man came into the store, he tried to carry out a threat to the store-owner. However, the store-owner was steady and gave a warning to the man. He knew that he had to attack the thief and he was safe in this situation. He let the thief know that he couldn't control it. Finally, the man ran in the flurry and couldn't rob the store. So, the store-owner succeeded to attack it. But I didn't do the crime, the internal and external forms comtrol me. For example, my parents tell me not to do it or if I do it, I have trouble. I'm also afraid of social forces and values that are wrong. Many things control me not to do it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

talk about myself

1. My name is Ling-Yao Chang.
2. I'm from Taiwan which is a very beautiful country.
3. Last year, I graduated from Nation Taitung University.
4. My major is music.
5. I can play the piano,the flute and the drums.
6. I wanted to improve my piano skills, so I decided to go to an other country.
7. I wish I can teach high level in my country.
8. I want to get my master's degree in U.S.A.
9. I like to drink hot tea without sugar.
10. My favorite food is noodles.
11. In my free time, I like to play badminton and go swimming.
12. If I want to relax myself, I might listen to music.
13. I like to meet friends who are from other countries.
14. Before coming here, I was a student teacher in an elementary school.
15. I taught grade three and grade six.
16. It was a good opportunity to learn many things in my life.
17. I have great parents and two brothers.
18. My hobby is using the computer.
19. I love my country, Taiwan.
20. I'm a CESL student now, but I will become a great piano teacher in the future.